Hotel Security

The security team are often the first contact that your visitors encounter and the impression they create is extremely important. Security Projects prides itself on its standards of excellence, and our specialist uniformed Security staffs provide a high profile and personal interface within any hotel reception.

Our well trained hotel Security team are keen to serve our clients by providing a first-class service, maintain the security integrity of the hotel, and to serve our consumers by providing timely and accurate information regarding emergency procedures.

The ACS approved Security team are specifically recruited based upon their customer service skills, and trained to provide excellent customer service, client liaison and security functions. Our Security staff will conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectable manner at all times, ensuring they exceed client expectations, whilst at the same time providing an invaluable and crucial service.

Your hotel team will find that our Security staff will work seamlessly along side them, to enhance the hotel experience of your guests.

Our ‘one-stop’ security solution for your team, hotel guests and visitors’ will provide peace of mind to your stakeholders. Our Security staff are extremely well presented and have excellent communication skills which reassure visitors and guests of the high standard within the hotel. They are committed to providing a seamless and efficient service, and their priority is to provide visitors and guests with all that they need.

By incorporating a Security team in to an existing hotel will increase visitors and guest satisfaction, and this has been our experience. The Security team can easily become the most integral part of your service, that aims to significantly increase the value and reputation of a hotel by providing a level of individual and specific attention.

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