General Private Security Consultancy

Private Security

We provide close protection operatives (CPOs), security drivers or chauffeurs, personal security and safety plans. We protect their residential and commercial properties. We investigate any suspected dishonest or fraudulent activity within their businesses and we liaise with the police when required.

Threat and Risk Assessments and Security Reviews:

After having carried out a full security review we can produce a comprehensive security document with recommendations taking into account all aspects of a client’s lifestyle including their private life, business activity and movements. This service can apply to individuals or organisations, all conducted and produced in conjunction with current, factual intelligence and information relevant to the individual so that our advice is correct, accurate and up to date. Our aim is to mitigate any genuine threat by careful planning and by reducing the risk to an absolute minimum.

This includes:

  • Close Protection
  • Personal safety awareness training:
  • Evasive and defensive driver training:
  • Security Chauffeuring:
  • Residential Security Teams (both domestic and commercial)

Security procedure creation and training:

Just in case something does go wrong we will create a bespoke plan to minimise or negate the threat and the risk. For example, we will extend the personal safety awareness training to include stress codes and escalation procedures, Anti Kidnap & Ransom training and emergency response and extraction plans.

Event management:

Whether it is a wedding, engagement, birthday or some other kind of party, we can ensure that the private party remains private. Uninvited guests and the Paparazzi are kept well away. We can also provide security for potentially hostile meetings such as AGMs, Creditors meetings etc.

We can create bespoke packages that suit your level of security needs.

Armoured Luxury Vehicles:

Choose luxury armoured vehicles from premier brands to meet both your protection and luxury levels.



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