Team Award – Security Projects UK Limited

Mr Mark White & Mr Kane White
Presented at New Scotland Yard, 11th May 2016

Security Projects UK Limited work closely with the Havering police who have responsibility for policing the Riverside Industrial Business Improvement District, an area which covers 4.15 square kilometers with 300 business members.

This area has a unique set of challenges and suffers with an array of crime problems including: organised fly-tipping, street racing, vehicle theft and traveler incursions. The security team actively works with the business community, partners and police.

They conduct mobile patrols to harvest and share intelligence in an effort to prevent and deter crime. One such example of their effectiveness was the occasion the security team alerted police to an incident where a large crowd of vehicle enthusiasts has covered the main carriageway on a roundabout with diesel, and then proceeded to skid their vehicles around it.

This is not only a highly dangerous and illegal pastime, it inhibits the business community from going about their work. Information provided by the security team resulted in drivers being reported by police for a variety of driving and drug offences. The limited police resources rely on the enthusiasm and diligence of the security team for which they should be recognised.



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