For many years, Security Projects has utilised advanced tracking technology to monitor the locations of our vehicles and personnel. With periodic updates and triggered alerts based on motion or an emergency situation.

The trackers allow us to not only analyse their historical movements, but also to live-track the vehicle or person at street level anywhere in the world 24/7/365. This information can be relayed to our team members or to emergency services via SMS or email.

This includes:

  • GPS Deployment in Protective Operations: Appropriate application of GSM/GPRS/GPS Technology can enhance existing protection techniques for dignitary and executive safety. HTSI’s tracking hardware is specially designed for a number of different applications.
  • Panic Button: Using small, sleek and discreet remote alarm-activating devices; the user can initiate a signal from the hardware with absolutely no range limit. Any number of activators can be used with HTSI hardware items, ideal for team/squad operations.
  • HTSI Software: HTSI have developed their powerful Tracking and Monitoring software, CP2, over 13 years of experience in the field: drawing upon feedback from a number of Police, Military and Government organizations to ensure that its functionality is as streamlined and user-friendly as possible. Using HTSI’s CPServer software, the user can take direct control over extensive unit configuration and Client viewing privileges.
  • Multiple Alerts: HTSI’s software automatically issues alarm messages to a number of different destinations. There is no limit to the number of alerts, all of which are completely user-defined.




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